Welcome to Newell Community Club

About Us


Promoting Our Area

The Newell Community Club has been promoting our area for over 65 years.  We provide a number of activities for the Newell, Vale, and Nisland area.  All of these activities have continued to bring participants and spectators to Newell while providing services to the community and our kids. These events will bring more potential customers to town which means more business traffic resulting in more sales.  


Join the Community Club! We need your help!

Membership fees: 

$25 Individuals 

$50 Families & Businesses 

$100 Membership & Arena Usage 

We are all volunteers who want to increase community involvement and benefit the community by creating fun and meaningful opportunities to meet others, share experiences, form bonds, be entertained, carry on traditions, and create great memories. 


Improving Newell Facilities

We have many major projects in the works at the arena.  Some include:

Rebuilding the bucking chutes and working corrals

Building a new crow's nest

Repairing the concession stand

Installing lights

Repairing the grandstands